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Pneumatic pressure sensors

Cutting tool breakage detection switch

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It is an air sensor used to detect broken or chipped drills and taps used in the metal machining line. A dedicated nozzle unit is used for the detection nozzle to match the cutting tool. This switch is also usable in adverse environments, which is one of the features of the air sensor.

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[Shorter machining tact]
Since non-contact detection makes it possible to detect the state while the tool is rotating, tact time is shortened compared to conventional methods.

[Compatible with adverse environments]
Self-cleaning by the air nozzle enables use even in environments where coolant or swarf scatter.

[Small-diameter drill and cutting edge chipping detection]
Chips are detected on a φ0.3 small drill or 1 mm drill tip.

[Low air consumption]
This switch is used with low pressure so air consumption is reduced. (3 ℓ/min (ANR) at 50 kPa)

Model No. Product name Orifice sizeWorking pressure (kPa)Detection cutting tool diameter Remarks
TLPSSingle unitφ0.350 to 200 (100 recommended)φ0.3 to φ30
MTLPSManifoldφ0.350 to 200 (100 recommended)φ0.3 to φ30
UTLPSUnitφ0.350 to 200 (100 recommended)φ0.3 to φ30

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