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Clamp cylinders

Pin clamp cylinder

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Dedicated cylinder used for pin type clamp mechanism.
Position locking mechanism can be selected, and extensive mounting types are available.

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[Lever direction can be selected from 4 options]
The direction of the clamp lever is selected from 4 directions for the mounting surface of the piping port.

[Two types of locating pin shape are available]
Locating pin shape can be selected from round pin and diamond pin.

[Receiving surface position of the workpiece adjustable by up to 2 mm]
When unit with shim is selected, receiving surface position adjustment of 0.5 mm to 2 mm is possible with 3 shims on each side (t1: 1, t0.5:2), for a total of 6.

[Position locking mechanism can be selected]
It holds the clamp position regardless of the thickness of the workpiece.
It prevents the workpiece from falling out in emergencies.

[Anti-spatter specification can be selected]
Installing spatter cover inside prevents spatter deposits in the clamp lever cam groove. (SP1)

Model No. Product name Bore size (mm)Locating pin diameter (mm) Remarks
PCCDouble acting / single rodφ50φ12.5, φ12.7, φ14.5, φ14.7, φ17.5, φ17.7, φ19.5, φ19.7, φ24.5, φ24.7
PCC-QDouble acting / position lockingφ50φ12.5, φ12.7, φ14.5, φ14.7, φ17.5, φ17.7, φ19.5, φ19.7, φ24.5, φ24.7

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