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Manual 2, 3, 4-port valves

Quick valve

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Straight quick valve with large effective cross-sectional area.
Ideal for air blow stop valve (2-port valve) and air cylinder shut-off valve (3-port valve).

  • Respiratory / Anesthesia device

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[Large flow rate]
Straight flow path and large effective sectional area.

Flame-resistant resin has been adopted as a standard material. (UL94 standard V0 equivalent)

[Can be integrated]
Manifold enabled by optional bracket.

[2- and 3-port valves available]
Use can be determined according to the application.

Model No. Product name Port size Remarks
2QV2-way valvePush-in fitting φ4 to φ12, R1/8 to 1/2
3QV3-way valvePush-in fitting φ4 to φ12, R1/8 to 1/2

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