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Parallel hands

Thin parallel hand

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Thin and compact parallel hand.
Smooth operation realized with high precision, and environmental resistance achieved if rubber cover is attached.
[Operating stroke length]
HLA/HLAG: 15, 20, 25 mm
HLB/HLBG: 13, 18, 23 mm


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[Bush guide] (HLA / HLAG Series)
Uses a shock resistant bush guide.

[Supports both large and small workpieces]
Compact design with low overall height.
Operating stroke length of the jaw is long and combination adjustments are unnecessary.

[Cross roller type] (HLB / HLBG series)
Cross roller type bearing guide realizes smooth and high precision operation.

[Improved environmental resistance] (HLAG / HLBG series)
Mist and dust are prevented from entering by installing a rubber cover to the slide part, and environmental resistance is improved.

[Open / close confirmation switch]
switch(es) can be mounted.

Model No. Product name OptionBore sizePort size Remarks
HLADouble acting: Bush guide-Φ12, Φ15, Φ20M5
HLBDouble acting: Bearing guide-φ12, φ15, φ20M5
HLAGDouble acting: Bush guideWith nitrile rubber guardφ12, φ15, φ20M5
HLBGDouble acting: Bearing guideWith nitrile rubber guardφ12, φ15, φ20M5

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