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Stepper motor drive

P4 * Series for rechargeable battery manufacturing process Electric actuator Slider type

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P4* Series for rechargeable battery manufacturing processes

It is a model that uses an outer rail type guide and is compact with higher rigidity. It contributes to the space saving of the device by downsizing the actuator. In addition, a batteryless absolute encoder can be installed, position information retained even after an emergency stop, and without the need of origin return. For maintenance, the greasing port on the side of the main unit can be used for batch lubrication. The main unit can be installed from both the top and bottom surfaces, greatly improving maintainability.

P4:The use of copper, zinc, and nickel-based materials and electrolytic nickel plating is limited in the construction of the flow path part and sliding part.

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[Improved equipment reliability]
Anti-rust treated slider section and suction port can be installed as options.
The occurrence of corrosion and rust is suppressed by the rust-proofing treatment, and the possibility of the outflow of particles from the movable section of the electric actuator to the outside is reduced by the suction port.

[More space-saving of equipment]
Supports loads with an outer rail system with a wide guide integrated in the body. Compact and high rigidity contributes to space saving of equipment by downsizing the actuator.

[Reduced equipment downtime]
An absolute encoder that keeps position information without batteries. There is no need for origin return and origin sensors when the power is turned ON. Early recovery is possible even after an emergency stop. Also, because batteries are not required, the encoder battery maintenance is not needed.

[Easy maintenance]
Equipped with greasing ports on both sides of the body, they can be directly accessed from the outside. Allows maintenance of ball screws and guides from a single location. Longer life through easy regular maintenance.

[Reduction of the installation man-hours]
Direct installation is possible without removing the cover from both upper and lower surfaces. Significantly reduces working time especially when installing from the top.

Model No. Product name Body widthMax. load capacity (horizontal)Max. load capacity (vertical) Remarks
EBS-04G-P4Slider type (Rechargeable battery manufacturing processes)44mm20.0kg9.2kg
EBS-05G-P4Slider type (Rechargeable battery manufacturing processes)54mm45.0kg18.3kg
EBS-08G-P4Slider type (Rechargeable battery manufacturing processes)82mm80.0kg43.3kg

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