Fluid control valves can be used in vacuum!
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  Pressures lower than the atmospheric pressure are called vacuum. CKD offers a wide variety of choices to support low vacuum close to atmospheric pressure and high vacuum.

  Relatively common to scenes where low vacuum is used to suction TV and other products during transport.

  High vacuum is used in vacuum chambers located in chemical plants and semiconductor factories. In the manufacture of chemicals and chemical materials, gases in liquids are removed, atmospheric molecules in the chamber are removed to improve analysis accuracy in equipment such as electron microscopes, and various equipment in semiconductor manufacturing processes. We will also introduce high vacuum valves used in various equipment and processes, including washing, drying, and sealing.

  Air operated valve for high vacuum AVB Series is a valve that achieves high durability by preventing fluctuations with proprietary bellows. The actuator tip is reduced in weight, reducing impact when the valve is opened and closed. We have large bore sizes up to NW160, and ones with solenoid valves for operation, and with heaters to prevent product adherence are also available as made-to-order products.

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AVB SeriesAVB Series Internal structure
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