Which actuator should be used, air or electric?
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  There are similar products between pneumatic and electric actuators. How does one decide to use pneumatic or electric actuators? Here, we introduce 3 points to consider when making a decision.

  1.Type of workpiece
Electric actuators are more flexible in creating a greater number of stopping points with respect to the work size during transfer or inspection processes.

Where is it going to be used? Pneumatic actuators are more practical to use where space is limited, a lot of cutting oil or dust exist, or when environment resistance is required such as for outdoor use. They are also smaller and lighter than electric ones. However, when looking for quietness, or clean characteristics, we recommend electric.

Pneumatic actuators are less expensive than electric ones. If you want to keep initial costs low, choose pneumatic actuators. However, it would become necessary to incorporate pneumatic valves and consider the amount of air needed and maintenance.

  Although CKD is a pneumatic component manufacturer, we also have electric actuators, making us experts in knowing their advantages and disadvantages. Let us propose the most suitable actuator according to your requirements.

Air or electric?
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