How to discharge drain
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  Air contains water vapors (gas). The amount of water vapor that can exist in a given volume of air is limited by the temperature. The vapors also change from a gas to a liquid when that volume exceeds the limit. When air is compressed by compressors, the vapor exceeds the limit (this is the “saturated water vapor” limit) and becomes liquid water. This resultant liquid is called “drains” or “drainage”.

  CKD’s filters have drain outlets, where you can discharge drains manually. A large amount of drainage occurs after the compressor. Here, we will introduce to you how to reliably discharge the drains.

Discharging by floating Discharging using sensors
DT3000-W・DT4000-W DB1000・DB3000
Drain discharger (Snap Drain) DT3000-W・DT4000-W Series Drain discharger (Super Drain) DB1000・DB3000 Series
Discharging by floating. Generally, when pressure is not applied, the drainage is discharged by free fall. A liquid level sensor detects the capacity of the tank and automatically discharges the accumulated drainage. The tank can be pulled out and washed for easy maintenance.

  As air contains much water during the humid rainy season, by all means, consider this opportunity for using our products.

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