Proportional solenoid valves active in various industries
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  Flow control is required in various industries such as machinery, automobiles, precision components, advanced fields such as semiconductors, biotechnology, medical care, and food industries. Dry compressed air is used for air levitation, tension control, paint spraying, etc. Nitrogen gas is used for food oxidation prevention, oxygen, combustion gas, etc., are used for optimum burner combustion.

  Flow control requires optimal adjustment of the fluid used in each process. The flow rate of the fluid can be changed by adjusting the degree of opening of the passage through which the fluid flows. Let us introduce a proportional control valve with the most suitable solenoid valve for this opening adjustment.

  A proportional control valve is a solenoid valve that can adjust the opening steplessly in proportion to the voltage or current applied to the solenoid valve. CKD has a Small flow controller RAPIFLOW (R) FCM Series that integrates a controller that controls the required flow rate and solenoid valve opening with a proportional valve. The Proportional control valve A2-6500 Series is also available.

  To easily achieve appropriate flow rate adjustment, look no further!

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