Stop the dripping
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  Coolant fluids are indispensable for machine tools such as machining centers and lathes. However have you not lost valuable working time as you waited for the coolant fluid to stop flowing? Here, we will propose a solution for this problem.

  While coolant fluid is necessary, the supply must be stopped when removing workpieces or changing tools. Even if it is stopped, the coolant fluid may continue dripping from the nozzle tip, preventing the process from proceeding to the next step. Many want to increase productivity but there is no better way to do this than to shorten the time wasted.

  We recommend the CCN Series of Check Valves (nozzle type) as one of the solutions. The CCN Series not only functions as a nozzle for jetting out coolant, but also has an integrated check valve to prevent non-pressurized coolant from flowing out. The CCN Series can stop the dripping coolant, and allows you to immediately move on to the next progress. The nozzle angle can be adjusted between -30° and 30° for discharging the coolant.

  The CCN Series Check Valves(nozzle type) can increase workability and productivity by preventing time lost to dripping.

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