Quick exhaust counters condensation
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  When a room is warm, but the outside is very cold, condensation occurs due to the temperature difference. At home, a lot of condensation occurs on the window, causing molds to grow.

  Condensation also occurs in pneumatic systems. When directional control valves open or close, compressed air comes out from cylinders, and it expands rapidly due to the decrease in pressure. As a result, the temperature in the piping decreases (adiabatic expansion). It leads to problems, such as rust, grease deterioration, malfunction, and shortened service life.

  Although removing moisture from the compressed air is a countermeasure, a more highly effective way would be to exhaust the air inside to the outside by using a Quick exhaust valve with push-in fitting QEL Series. The QEL Series has a plug type connector that can be attached directly to the joint or speed controller attached to the actuator. It can be used easily.

  Let’s counter condensation with a quick exhaust valve with push-in fitting QEL Series.

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