Announcing the Release of a Batteryless Absolute Encoder!

  In our lineup, we offer the ERL2 / ESD2 and ESSD / ELCR Series electric actuators driven with stepping motors which are very user friendly. However, since an incremental encoder was installed, it was necessary to return to the origin each time the power was turned ON. On the other hand, in the case of the servo motor driven electric actuator KBX Series equipped with an absolute encoder, home return was not required, but a battery was needed to retain the position information.

  The newly released battery-less absolute encoder can recognize the current position without the need for returning to origin, and so the stop time can be shortened. In addition, since a battery is not required, there is no need to replace the encoder battery. Two new types are now available: the Slider type EBS-M and Rod type EBR-M Series with a built-in guide.

  Furthermore, the ECR Series controller can be operated with the above two series. It reduces man-hours for selection, ordering, maintenance, and spare parts.

  CKD is expanding its line of electric actuators. Please take this opportunity and make CKD your one-stop choice in actuators.

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