Dryer for supporting the air in the factory

  Moisture is contained in the air. When air is cooled, the moisture condenses to form droplets. These droplets find their way into control circuits, creating malfunctions, and freezing issues during the winter. Therefore, it is important to utilize dry air with all the moisture removed. Now, let us introduce to you our dryer that easily removes moisture from the air.

Refrigeration type Desiccant type High polymer membrane type
Appearance GT_GX Series HD_SHD Series SD_SU_SDM Series
How moisture is removed The compressed air is cooled by a refrigeration circuit, and the water vapor in the air is condensed and removed as drainage. Removal of water vapor through adsorption with solid desiccant. Water is released and separated using a water-permeable polymer membrane.
Pros Both equipment and operating costs are low. Stable low dew point can be obtained.
Dry air down to -72°C atmospheric pressure dew point can be obtained.
No electrical power needed.
Can be used in environments with explosive atmospheres.
Cons The area around the dryer becomes hot. In the case of the heatless type, air is consumed during regeneration of the desiccant.
In the case of the manual type, it will be necessary to replace the desiccant periodically.
Air purging to exhaust water vapor is required.
Main usage General factories Equipment requiring ultra-dry air
Manufacturing equipment for semiconductors and liquid crystal panels
Food and drug manufacturing plants, etc.
Final drying at point of use
Built in device
Analysis and inspection equipment
CKD products Refrigeration air dryer (Xeroaqua dryer) GX3200D・GX5200D Series
Refrigeration air dryer (Xeroaqua dryer) GT9000・GT9000W・GT9000WV2 Series
Desiccant air dryer (Compact heatless dryer) HD Series
Desiccant air dryer (Heatless dryer) SHD Series
High polymer membrane air dryer SD・SU・SDM Series

  Be especially careful when humidity is high, such as in the rainy season, as a lot of water vapor is contained in the air. At the same time, please do not forget to carry out regular maintenance such as filter and desiccant replacement and drainage removal.

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