CKD Supporting Rechargeable Battery Manufacturing

  “Rechargeable batteries” are used not only in home appliances such as mobile phones and digital cameras, but also in automobiles. They are an essential part of our lifestyle.

  In the rechargeable batteries' lithium ion manufacturing process, care must be given not to contaminate it with foreign matter or cause unnecessary chemical reactions. In particular, copper- and zinc-based materials bring about chemical reactions and affect the safety. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to prevent dust and metal abrasion powders from being generated and entering the process.

  CKD's P4* Series products for rechargeable battery manufacturing processes only use materials that are appropriate for the processes. In addition, from manufacturing of electrodes to packaging, we have prepared variations according to the needs of the places where the components are to be installed, and to the customer's various requests.

  Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are composed of a positive electrode film, a negative electrode film, and an element wound with an insulating film. CKD also manufactures winding machines that roll up lithium ion battery’s strip elements at high speeds with high precision. We will consistently meet the needs of rechargeable battery manufacturing by utilizing our experience and know-how.

winding machine
components for rechargeable batteries
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