No tanks required. Easily produce nitrogen gas.

  Nitrogen is used in various applications.

  In the liquid state, nitrogen is used for cryopreservation and treatment of explosives. In the gaseous state, it prevents oxidation and mechanical seizures. Especially in food manufacturing, nitrogen prevents the oxidation of snacks contained in bags. This results in extending the BEST BEFORE date and protecting the original taste of food.

  Conventionally, nitrogen is supplied using tanks and nitrogen generators. In the case of tanks, it is necessary to secure the storage area of tanks and to stop the process line at the time of tank replacement. In the case of generators, it is necessary to secure the installation site, and specialized knowledge may be required for maintenance.

  CKD's Nitrogen Gas Extraction Unit NS Series is compact and very easy to use because it attains nitrogen gas from compressed air only. Since an oximeter can be attached, you can check the oxygen concentration and use it with confidence. There is no doubt that you will be freed from securing installation space, maintaining the amount of remaining gas, and the hassles of replacing the tanks.

  We will exhibit our Nitrogen Gas Extraction Unit NS Series at the 2019 International Food Industry Exhibition (FOOMA JAPAN) held at Tokyo Big Sight from July 9th. You can also sample ICE BREWED COFFEE made using nitrogen gas from the NS Series. Please experience the convenience of this product and taste the difference nitrogen gas makes on coffee!

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