Attain more data through IO-Link compatibility

  There are various communication systems and communication compatible products available for Smart Factories. Although CKD's directional control valves and sensors support various communications such as CC-Link and EtherNet, we will take this opportunity to introduce to you the IO-Link system.

  Unlike Fieldbuses such as CC-Link, EtherNet, and PROFIBUS, IO-Link communicates information bi-directionally between the PLC and other connected devices. In addition to the ON / OFF signals and analog signal outputs, various information such as device information, various parameters, and event data such as warnings can be communicated. Also, because it is an open network, you can select IO-Link masters and devices in the multi-vendor environment.

  Monitoring conditions and conducting preventive maintenance of equipment installed in the factory require more data collection and analysis. Although CKD's IO-Link compatible devices are still sensors only, the lineup will become robust in the future.

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IO-Link Introduction of IO-Link
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