Vibration resistant cylinder switch.

  Answering the prayers of those who want to rid of unexplained stops, is our cylinder switch. One of the causes for unexplained stops is due to the switch moving from equipment vibrations. The deviation causes the switch not to be detected and the equipment stops.

  CKD’s cylinder switch is devised so that the switch does not shift due to vibrations. When tightening the set screw, the nut rises and becomes fixed by pinching the protrusion of the switch rail. Therefore, this prevents the switch from shifting due to vibrations of the equipment, allowing it to send out its operation signal.

  Also, because the set screws are tightened such that the nut rises up to the rail and screw, the screw will not burrow towards the cylinder. This prevents scratching and damage to the cylinder. Our product will reduce the number of man-hours by eliminating the need to tighten the deviating switch.

  Take this opportunity to save time and money with our cylinder switch. CKD Cylinder switches.

cylinder switch switch rail
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