Completely exhaust residual pressure.
The first step to securing a safe workplace.

  When conducting maintenance to machinery, it is necessary to fully remove any air pressure (residual) inside. Even if you remember to stop the pressure supply to the machine or its operation, there are many cases where workers forget to remove the residual pressure still in the equipment. The residual pressure may cause the machine to start operations unexpectedly and cause various accidents. As a result, parts may be broken, blown out and/or injury caused. CKD has a solution with their residual pressure discharge valve.

Residual pressure exhaust valve
with spool position detection
SNS Series
Residual pressure exhaust valve
with spool position detection
SNP Series
Shut-off valve
V※0※0 Series
It is the industry’s smallest residual pressure discharge valve in its class, and is compliant with ISO 13849-1 safety standard. It adopts a spool valve structure and realizes a compact design with low power consumption. Residual pressure release valve with a poppet structure. With the ability to detect the main valve’s spool position through the limit switch, it is possible to output the signal of the valve’s open/close states. A double shutoff circuit can be configured by connecting two modules. Residual pressure discharge can be done with just one action. We have also prepared a locking hole mechanism where the unit can lock the position where the residual pressure was eliminated, conforming to the US OSHA safety standard.

  To ensure the safety of workers and conducting efficient maintenance, let’s prioritize the exhausting of the residual pressure.

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