Eliminate your hydraulic problems!

  Hydraulics are used in equipment that utilizes large forces. However, as many factories also incorporate pneumatic components, most places are using both hydraulic and pneumatic sources. The handling and maintenance methods are quite different between the two sources, and these lead to some annoyances.

  If you are using hydraulic cylinders for mechanical fasteners, punching, press-fitting, stamping, etc., how about substituting it with a pneumatic cylinder? This "Mechanical power cylinder MCP Series" demonstrates a thrust of up to 5 tons (at 0.6MPa) with only an air pressure power source!

  Not only does it realize high thrust, but as it is a pneumatic equipment, the preparation of hydraulic units, a high pressure hose, etc., are unnecessary. In addition, since no waste oil is generated, the work site will remain clean and environmentally friendly.

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