The Space-Saving Miracle Worker

  When installing a cylinder, since the rod moves ample space is required to install a directional switching valve. But what do you do if there is not enough space?

  The answer is to make the cylinder compact. Among the vast product groupings in CKD’s lineup, we have the "Space-Saving Cylinder"Series with a wealth of products pursuing compactness.
However, what if this is still not enough? What you need is a miracle.

  The Miracle. A cylinder with an integrated directional switching valve. In particular, the small cylinder CKV2 Series is not only integrated with the directional switching valve, but installation, operation and maintenance can easily be done due to the placing of the piping, wiring, and speed adjustment and operation devices on the top surface.

  When you run out of space, you need a miracle!
Click Here for the small cylinder CKV2 Series


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