Reverse Regulator - flow direction can be reversed!

  A regulator is a valve that makes pressures constant so that compressed air pressures can be stabilized. When using balancers, etc., the standard regulator cannot exhaust all of the secondary side pressure. That is why we recommend the Reverse Regulator. Also, when situations call for releasing more pressure than what relief valves can handle, the Reverse Regulator is best suited for this.

  The Reverse Regulator has a reverse flow function through a built-in check valve. The secondary side (out) air pressures can be rapidly exhausted to the primary side (in). That is why by using this regulator between the cylinder and solenoid valve, the cylinder’s output can be controlled.

  There is one note to keep in mind. Unfortunately, the Reverse Regulator cannot change the flow direction by replacing the pressure gauges before and after the regulator like standard models.

  Click here for Regulator and Reverse regulator R※※00 Series.


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