Beware of Leaks

  There are various types of leakages such as water, air and electricity. Here, we will discuss the “leakage” of fluid control equipment.

  There are two types of leakages in fluid control equipment, “external” and “internal” leakages.

  “External leakages” are leakages of liquid to the outside of piping and solenoid valves due to the deterioration of the O-ring, responsible for external sealing, and deformation of parts caused by abnormal pressures from liquid sealing. “Internal leakages” are leakages caused by the scratches or breakage of the valve seat.

  Mixing of the working fluid with debris, or metal powders and burrs entering the system during piping cause scratching of the valve seat, etc., leading to leakage. Leakage will damage the inherent function of the solenoid valve, the opening and closing of the valve on the fluid. Please replace the solenoid valve or the parts concerned according to the leak condition and cause.

  Eliminating the leakage will allow you to use the products longer and safely.


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