I, O, R of the Roller Gear Cam Unit

  CKD’s Roller Gear Cam Units are available in standard, basic, compact, table, wide angle, small multi-division, flat type and many other kinds. Did you know that we also have “Index”, “Oscillate” and “Reducer” for each type as well?

  The Index can turn and stop repeatedly at angles set up to 360 degrees per turn. In addition to being able to turn and stop equidistantly, this index can also move to unequal and indeterminate divisions. It is also possible to perform a return motion that retreats after turning and stopping, and starts again in the original direction. In general, it can be used as a drive source for intermittent tables, intermittent conveyors, and so on.

  “Oscillating” turns and stops at the set angle and reverses back to its original position like a metronome. Oscillate can also be set so that the round-trip timing is different or have multiple stop positions. It can be used with Pick & Place and a Swing Arm.

A “Reducer” is a deceleration mechanism with a reduction ratio equivalent to the index number. It operates continuously without stopping like the index on the input axis. Compared with reduction gears, there is less backlash, secular change due to less wear, and the deceleration efficiency is high. Combined with a servomotor speed reducer and index, it can be used for multi-segment indexing, etc.

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