Solves unexplained stopping issues

  In our abundant cylinder lineup, there are those capable of high speeds and high energy absorption. Just the same, when low speeds are required, a " Fine speed" variation is available. This " Fine speed" type can be found in each of the series for the general type, space saving, rodless, with linear guide, etc.

  When cylinders are moved at slow speeds, unstable operations are generated by the air characteristics, sliding resistance, etc. These give rise to unexplained frequent stops (under 10 mins), Monday troubles after weekends or holidays where the packing will not slide or where the cylinder suddenly thrusts forward, and stick-slip issues where vibration and noise are generated at the sliding surface.

  These problems have been solved by the Fine speed cylinder. Utilizing a special sliding mechanism, even speeds of 1 mm/s are achieved with smooth and stable operation. In addition, since the sliding resistance does not change, the pushing force is stabilized. As impact motion associated with frequent stops and Monday troubles are prevented, productivity is improved.

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