Welcome to CKD’s WEB Exhibition!

  In September, CKD took part in the 25th Fluid Power International Trade Fair (IFPEX2017).

  To demonstrate CKD's strengths in 3 areas of "Compatibility", "Technology" and "Product appeal", we exhibited our pneumatic components and many other products.

  For those of you who came to our booth, but wish to recapture CKD's magic, or those who missed the opportunity to visit us, or those who found interest in our products through the Internet, wait no further to enter our WEB Exhibition.

  You can see the PowerArm which can be used together with Yaskawa's Robotic Arm that not only lifts, but suctions up loads, and the Nitrogen gas extraction unit, released in September, which easily generates N2 gas from compressed air.

  For automotive manufacturing processes, a flexible support unit that adjusts and holds work pieces of various shapes, an air-blow nozzle that saves a factory's entire energy usage by reducing the amount of air needed for air blowing, etc., and many other products.

  Welcome to CKD's WEB Exhibition!

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