A Hand component that can be used at a robot's extremity
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  Thanks to you, this column section has run its 100th edition. To celebrate the 100th anniversary, we will introduce the FH100 Series of feather hands (mini parallel hands) that also have the number 100 in the product model No.

  This Series is lightweight with a weight range of 51g to 286g. A model with a speed controller that can adjust the speed when the hand closes is also available as an option.

  The size of the workpieces handled by the hand vary depending on the customer, but there are functions to prevent falling or causing gripping errors. It is to grip the workpiece so that the center of gravity is directly under the hand. When gripping long workpieces, do not forcibly grasp it with one hand. Instead, use multiple hands as needed. In addition, if a grip force is selected with a margin for the workpiece, a stable "gripping" can be realized.

  In a variety of production lines, "gripping" and "transporting" are important steps. CKD has a variety of models available to suit the size of the workpiece and gripping method. Feel free to contact CKD as some products can be used at the extremities of collaborative robots, which has been trending lately.

FH100 Seriesgripping point
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