AX 1000T 2000T 4000T SERIES DIRECT DRIVE ACTUATOR,QUICK RESPONSE TYPE AX1000T,AX2000,AX4000 SERIES Instantaneous positioning highly responsive ABSODEX


High precision /  High functionality

High precision absolute type DD Actuator that can freely index 360°, intermittently rotate and perform conjugated consecutive rotation.

Designed with the environment in mind

Environmentally conscious means having production facilities that are energy-saving, space-saving, oil-less, reusable, etc.


In addition to the AX2000T/AX4000T Series, the AX1000T is also compatible. Drivers, actuators, cables are functionally compatible and can be freely combined. Easy maintenance.

Various improvements

Reduction in equipment tact times.

●Reduction in lost time through improved responsiveness
Instant positioning is possible, settling time is 1/4 (Based on CKD's test results)
●Reduction in startup time through coupling of peripheral components
Easier synchronization of peripheral components through addition of encoder output signals of A/B phases.

Improved usability

●Most suitable tuning can be done in a very short time.
Semi-auto tuning function added
●Set-up is always simple.
Adjustment software (AX tools) comes standard
●Expanded input/output signals
Addition of ready output, servo input, etc,

●Even during electrical power cut off, the control function is maintained.

safety standard certification

●Supports safety standard certification (Safe Torque Off function)

Overseas standards

●Compatible with UL/cUL (North American standards), CE (European standards)

Miniaturization of GH/WGH type drivers

●Compared with conventional CKD products, roughly 65% reduction in volume has been achieved. Depth dimension has even been reduced 50mm.
■Improved responsivity and reduced tact times
■Ssafety measures that link with detection equipment
By detecting the open/close state of the work door, the power cut off is controlled.
*In order to be compatible with safety standards, there is a need for risk assessment of the equipment.

Example of system configuration

Standard setting items

  1. 1. Programming input from a computer
  2. 2. Similarly set the necessary parameters
  3. 3. Appropriately set the gain.

How to run standard operations

  1. 1. Select the required programming from the PLC.
  2. 2. Input the activation signal from the PLC.
  3. 3. After activation, allow the output of the positioning completion signal from the driver.


In order to be compatible with CE Marking, the following parts and over-current/short-circuit protection device, etc., are needed. Also, the driver needs to be equipped within the distributing board. In regard to the selection, installation, wiring details of these devices, please refer to the user's manual or the technical material (ABSODEX AX Series TS/TH technical material).

Product name Application Model No. Maker
Noise filter Three-phase / single-layer 200VAC to 230VAC 3SUP-EF10-ER-6 Okaya Electric Industries Co.,Ltd
Single phase 100VAC to 115VAC NF2015A-OD Soshin Electric Co., Ltd.
Ferrite core Common RC5060 Soshin Electric Co., Ltd.
Surge protector Common R・A・V-781BXZ-4 Okaya Electric Industries Co.,Ltd
FG clamp* Common FGC-5,FGC-8 Kitayama Kougyou Co.,Ltd.

*The FG clamp is used for the grounding of the motor cable and resolver cable shield.

Configuration (when selecting the set model No.)

Name Quantity
Body of actuator 1
Body of driver (with controller) 1
Motor cable, Resolver cable 1 each

Example of use in animation/ inner structure

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    Easily and freely index

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    Easily implement rotation conveyance

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    Freely drive the conveyor

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    Gearless motor structure

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