January 29, 2019

 Completion of the Tohoku Plant 

CKD Corporation (headquartered in Komaki, Aichi and headed by Kazunori Kajimoto, President) announces that it has newly constructed its Tohoku Plant in Ohiramura, Kurokawagun, Miyagi Prefecture and conducted a completion ceremony in January 29, 2019.
We have major production plants in Japan, including three plants in Aichi Prefecture (Komaki City, Kasugai City, and Fusocho, Niwagun) and one plant in Mie Prefecture (Yokkaichi City). By constructing this Tohoku Plant, we will work to increase the production of component products, including fluid control components and pneumatic components, and to reinforce BCP measures to be taken in an emergency for products that are being manufactured in four plants located in the Tokai region.

Overview of the Tohoku Plant

Location:                     2-18, Matsunodaira, Ohira-mura, Kurokawa-gun, Miyagi 

Completion date:        January 29, 2019 

Major products:          Fluid control components mainly for semiconductors and pneumatic components for the automotive, electric,
                                   and electronic industries 

Feature:                     Constructed with consideration given to those people who work at the Plant based on the concept of the
                                   “Human-friendly Plant.” 

                                   The Plant introduced an automated warehouse for the first time in CKD and worked on the automation and
                                   laborsaving of the assembly and inspection processes. 

Lot area:                     36,251 m

Total floor area:          18,500 m

Structure:                    Three-storied steel building 

Investment amount:    8,200 million yen