January 17, 2019


Completion of New Production Building at Our Chinese Plant

CKD Corporation (headquartered in Komaki, Aichi and headed by Kazunori Kajimoto, President) announces that it has constructed a new production building in CKD (China) Corporation, a production subsidiary located in China, and conducted a completion ceremony in January 17, 2019.
CKD (China) Corporation manufactures Wuxi component products, including pneumatic components necessary for production lines in plants, and fluid control components mainly for the electronic industry, and, further, automatic machinery, including three-dimensional solder printing inspection machines and pharmaceutical packaging machines. Under these circumstances, we will work to reinforce and enhance our production system in China in order to deal with a future increase in demand for the said component products and machines due to capital investment in information and communications equipment, rechargeable batteries, automation, etc.

1. Overview of the new production building

 Location:                  No. 21 Xinhua Road, New District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

 Completion date:     January 17, 2019

 Major products:        Component products, including electric components and pneumatic components
                                  Automatic machinery, including three-dimensional solder printing inspection machines and pharmaceutical 
                                  packaging machines

 Total floor area:       27,000 m2

 Structure:                Two-storied building made of reinforced concrete (partially made of steel)

 Construction cost:    2 billion yen


 2. Overview of CKD (China) Corporation

 Establishment:         January 2003

 President:                Katsuhito Okuoka

 Lot area:                  115,000 m2

 Total floor area:       69,440 m2 (including the area of the new production building)

 Number of employees: 812 (as of the end of December 2018)