March 22, 2017


Integration with Nikki Denso Co., Ltd.


CKD Corporation (headquartered in Komaki, Aichi and headed by Kazunori Kajimoto, President) will acquire 97.52% of the shares (i.e., ratio of voting rights) of Nikki Denso Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Kawasaki, Kanagawa and headed by Shigeru Kawamura, President) and integrate its business on April 3, 2017.
Nikki Denso Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells FA drive components, including direct drive motors and linear motors.
By incorporating Nikki Denso into the CKD Group, we will have a high market share in the field of direct drive motors used in industrial machines on both the Japanese and global markets when adding together the market shares of the two companies.

<Advantage from a fusion of the strengths of two companies> 
CKD and Nikki Denso manufacture and sell direct drive motors used in industrial machines under the brand name “ABSODEX” and “τ DISC”, respectively, but were selling them to major customers in different types and fields of business. Through this business integration, we can sell an extensive lineup of products that both companies have by using their sales networks, and thereby can expect to meet a wider variety of customer needs and expand our business on the global market.
Furthermore, we will work to accelerate development of products with new value and expand business, and will also endeavor to provide even more satisfaction to customers as a total FA supplier. 


<Corporate Overview of Nikki Denso>
Name of company:Nikki Denso Co., Ltd. 
(The name of company will be changed to CKD Nikki Denso Co., Ltd. on June 1, 2017.) 
Location: Head Office:2-8-24 Arima, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa-ken 216-0003, Japan
Sakura Office:1-4-2 Osaku, Sakura, Chiba-ken 285-082, Japan
Establishment:March 29, 1967
Business domain:Development, design, manufacture, sale, and servicing of FA drive components, including direct drive motors, linear motors, AV servomotors, linear stages, and servo drivers used in industrial machines
Capital: 100,000,000
Representative:Shigeru Kawamura, CEO
Number of employees:200