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Pharmaceutical packaging machine

Pillow wrapping machine

HPL-60NPharmaceutical Pillow wrapping machine


High-speed pillow packaging machine pursued the easy cleanup and the operationality


・The smallest size in the domestic market is realized.
・Power consumption is drastically reduced (by 20% compared with the conventional model).
・High-quality products without flaw and wrinkle are promised.
・The cleanup and maintainability of top seals are drastically improved.
・Products are protected from oil or grease.
・Supported for the high-mix low-volume manufacturing.
・Reproducibility and maintainability are concerned.

Efficiency 6 to 60 bags/min
Product packaging range Width  30 - 93.5mm
Height 3 - 50mm
Length 80 - 150mm
Film width 106 - 320mm
Power used 200VAC 3-phase 50/60HZ 4KVA
Dimensions (L)2,830 x (W)1,080 x (H)1,420
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