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Karman vortex flow rate sensor for Water FLUEREX WFK2 Series

WFK2 Series
Karman vortex flow rate sensor for Water FLUEREX

Launched in January 2018



Flow rate

Easy flow rate adjustments

Compatible with a wide flow rate range from 0.4 to 250 L/min.
Adjustments can be made easily by selecting an optional manual valve.

Flow rate

Water temperature measuring function

The water temperature measuring function is equipped as standard, eliminating the need for ordering the sensor, installing and wiring.
Can be used with water temperatures up to 95℃.

Standard Equipment

Transmission compatible

IO-Link compatible

Parameters and event data can be transmitted unlike analog transmissions.
Click here for the configuration software(IODD file)

Transmission compatible

Proposed usage

Compatible with various usages

Suitable for the cooling and temperature control of semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, and for the quantitative management of coolants.

Proposed usage