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BN* Series Air blow nozzle

BN* Series
Air blow nozzle

Launched in May 2017



Energy saving

Approx. 45% reduction in consumed air

Utilizing a special structure where the surrounding air is drawn in and the ejected air is amplified.
Reduces the load on the compressor; a small amount of air consumed can create a powerful flow.

Energy saving

Clogging Lamp

A special construction that uniformly jets air out

A special construction is utilized for more uniform air, to jet air out at targetted areas. By phasing the top and bottom injection ports and air suction port, a uniform jet of air in the width direction can be attained. Stable work quality can be attained through a highly efficient, strong jet of air that does not lose its uniform strength easily across the width of the nozzle.


Quiet Design

Quiet Design

Suppresses air turbulence, quiet design which is kind to the work environment, select from a flat or round type according to the usage.

Low noise


Compatible with various work scenes

Comprehensively proposing every component that can be used with air blowers such as air filters, solenoid valves, flow meters, etc. Not only for drying and cooling, but also for various work scenes such as cleaning and selection in food production processes, etc.