How do you supply Nitrogen gas?

  How does your factory prepare the Nitrogen gas?

  Most factories use tanks and/or large equipment to generate it. These equipment are subject to high pressure gas laws and management is tedious, not to mention the refilling of the tanks, replacement of adsorption agents and their maintenance. In addition, the time it takes before Nitrogen gas is generated is very long, delaying work and causing many to wish for a faster, more efficient alternative.

  With CKD's Nitrogen Gas Extraction Unit NS Series, such worries are the thing of the past. Firstly, Nitrogen Gas can be extracted from compressed air. It can be easily made using the air from the compressor used for air blowing. This is accomplished with a hollow fiber membrane that separates oxygen from the air, leaving Nitrogen enriched air behind for us to use.

  Secondly, there are no tanks or large equipment to use. No longer do you have to worry about how much reserves are in the tanks, managing replacements, maintenance, etc. Utilize it right away from installation, there are no worries of the conventional replacements, management or maintenance, but just easy Nitrogen production.

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NS Series
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