The unsung hero!
What are CKD products?

  As was introduced in Column Vol.12, CKD's DSC Series entered the market to become the industry's most compact Speed Controller with dial, and it is receiving very favorable reviews.

  By utilizing a compact dial, there was no interference to the mounting area and a speed controller could be installed. The dial shows 0.5 rotation increments and allows for precise quantification. Even the user friendliness of the dial has been improved.

  Another feature of dial is that it clearly defines the amount of flow passing through and so when the product needs to be moved or replaced, the required adjustments are few greatly reducing manhours and there is no downtime from readjustments or mistakes since the product only needs to be set to the same setting. Our vast lineup includes standard flow to low flow and minute flow products.

  Furthermore, the DSC Series was highly praised for reducing manhours, high visibility / operability and compactness, and was awarded the 2016 Good Design award.

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