Anti-microbial / Bacteria removing filters up to CKD !

   As was introduced in the VOL.39 Column, a new product has been released on the FP Series for the Food Manufacturing Industry.

  It is our proprietary Anti-microbial / Bacteria removing filters supporting food safety. The Ag+ ions (silver) within the Anti-bacterial filter blocks the enzyme activity of bacteria and causes them to die off.
Also, in the Bacteria Removing filter, there are countless of special slits on the hollow fibers of the element, which cause bacteria to become lodged within them when pressurized air passes through them.

  With a high capacity of anti-bacterial and bacteria removing properties, safe materials and grease, and easily connecting components as modules, expanding your equipment’s safety system has never been so simple.

  The filter element can be easily exchanged and with the next change clearly labeled with a sticker so you will not forget the periodic maintenance.

  As this product line contributes to safety in food manufacturing processes, consider using our FP Series in your lines.

  Click here for Anti-microbial / Bacteria removing filter.

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