Towards a stress-free workplace.
CKD components are here to help you.

  As it was introduced to you in the Column Vol. 46, we have not only the Power Arm, but other Human Assist products ready for you.

  Meeting the needs of our customers, we have the Low friction and Extremely low friction cylinders, Operation control panels and Balance cylinders with brakes, etc., in our components lineup. Other than our individual components, we have jigs and control boxes that will configure your system. We can propose the most suitable control for our customers as well as air circuits that will fit into the control boxes.

  In addition, we will introduce methods and attachments that will precisely hold and safely convey all kinds of workpieces using suction pads, clamps, etc.

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  Freely contact us to experience our amazing Power Arm, as we will come near to you for a demonstration.

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