The Seating can be confirmed with High Precision!
GPS3 Series

  The Digital Gap Switch released by CKD displays the seating state of the workpiece numerically. Two threshold points can be set within the detection threshold range. Having the industry's largest detection range of 0.03 to 0.4mm, only one device is needed to set and detect the preprocessed surface and the finished surface. With a handy master gauge, the threshold value can be easily set. If the master gauge and the display show a descripancy in the estimated value, the device is equipped with a correcting function.

  With a high maintainability, a lamp will inform you of a clog. And with the frequency of the flashing lamp, the clogged area can be roughly determined. Also, if the orifice were to become clogged, there is no need for taking it apart as cleaning can easily be done. Because it is silent, compact and can be installed with a small footprint, the GPS3 can be the "Unsung Hero" at your workplace!

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