Human Assist devices to support your workplace!

  With our technical know-how of pneumatic components, our Human Assist devices will support our customers.

  Today, in the manufacturing industry where heavy items are transferred by laborers on a daily basis, 60% of those workers are over 40 years of age of which 1 in 2 suffer from lower back pain.To lessen the burden of such loads, CKD's motto "All for those who work", brought forth a new type of device.

  Designed according to the customer's usage, place of work, our device can have one or multi-axes. With the multi-axes design, a scalar axis will allow a wide range in freedom of movement. Also, the center of gravity of things carried on the arm can be brought close to the workers and with the control handle located at the joint, not only can a high level of control be conducted on the arm, but it can be done easily and safely. In addition, on top of folding into a compact easy to store device, because it utilizes an air cylinder, it is highly rigid.Our Human Assist system will provide an answer to your needs and issues.

Click here for Power arm PFB2 Series.

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