Freedom in choosing your combination!
An electric actuator that helps in transporting items.

  A new series of actuators on top of an already abundant variations of actuators.

  The KBX Series coupled with motor and controller allows for an easy construction of a transport system that can be used in various processes by combining standard products. For example, it is compatible in various processes, for transport and parts supply, 2 axes (X,Y), in an adhesive application process, 3 axes (X, Y, Z), etc. The maximum number of axes is 4 (X, Y, Z, R) which will allow for a complicated sealing process design, etc., very quickly and precisely. Even the controller is user friendly with changing the single axis form to a multi-axes one is as simple as connecting the link cable. The weight capacity for transporting items is from 4kg to 250kg. We have a line-up that meets the needs of the customer.

  If you have issues with transporting items, do not hesitate to contact us!

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