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Air-operated valve for chemical liquid AMD part3R series

Air-operated valve for chemical liquid AMD part3R series



Increased range in pressure and fluid temperatures.

With higher pressure characteristics, the operating pressure range is increased, and the A/B ports now have common operating pressures. The operating pressure and fluid temperature characteristics are improved with all variations compatible up to 120℃ (248ºF).
NEW: Increased size. Now 1/8" to 1" compatible.

Increased compatibility

Supporting various chemical liquids as standard

Supporting various chemical liquids as standard

By adopting excellent chemical-resistant fluoroplastic "PVDF" for the actuator, wide range of chemical fluid, acid or alkaline, is available as standard specification.

Available for various chemical liquids

Three mounting methods

Three mounting methods

Support of 4-point flange mounting in addition to existing flange mounting and bottom mounting.

Various mounting styles

Main specifications

Working fluid Pure water, chemical liquids, air, N2 gasp (Note 1, Note 5)
Fluid temperature:℃ 5~120 (Note 2, Note 3, Note 5)
Pressure resistance: Mpa 1.0
Working pressure (A→B):MPa 0~0.5(Note 5)
Working pressure (B→A):MPa 0~0.5(Note 5)
Valve seat leakage: cm3/min 0 (under water pressure)
Back pressure: MPa 0~0.5(Note 5)
Ambient temperature: ℃ 0~60 0~60 (0~50 with sensor)
Frequency 30 times/min or less 20 times/min or less
Mounting operation Free
Connection Super 300 type Pillar P series , F-LOCK 60 series
Orifice φ3.5 φ4 φ6 φ7 φ8 φ9 φ10 φ15 φ16 φ20
Cv value 0.22 0.25 0.7 1 1.25 1.6 1.8 4.5 5 8

Note 1: Check compatibility between the material of each components and the working environment of the working fluid.

Note 2: Keep the temperature of 5 to 80℃ for hydrofluoric acid and chemical liquids that include hydrofluoric acid.

Note 3: 5℃ to 100℃ in the case of connection with an F-Lock 60 series fitting.

Note 4: The Cv value shown is at 23℃.

Note 5: Contact us for the specifications of the body with bypass.