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Check Valve For Liquids CCH Series

Check valve for liquids CCH series



Flow path structure resistant to foreign matter

Flow path structure resistant to foreign matter

The spring and sliding part are protected by the main valve to prevent foreign matters from adhering, providing stable operation.

Strong to foreign

Wear resistant

A wear resistant material is employed based on our experience in the coolant valve, using in various machine tools.

High durability

Max operating pressure 7.0MPa (1015psi, 70bar equiv)
Proof pressure (2030psi, 140bar equiv)

The metal touch structure prevents excessive deformation the of O ring and withstands high pressures.

Applicable to high pressure

Main specifications

Working fluid Coolant liquid or other non-corrosion liquids
Cv value 3.6~11
Port size 3/8,1/2,3/4