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The following models are available for component products.

Pneumatic Cylinders
Pneumatic cylinder (air cylinder) is a component that converts pneumatic energy to linear motion and is the most commonly used in pneumatic actuators.
This cylinder can easily convert pressure energy to linear motion. Since using the air which is fluid with compressibility, accurate speed control and position control is slightly difficult, and it also has a demerit of easily being affected by load.
For details of pneumatic cylinders

Pneumatic Valves
Pneumatic valve (directional control valve) switches the flowing direction (flow path) of supplied air pressure to cylinder or other actuators in the pneumatic circuit.
Directional control valves are briefly classified into switching valve, non-return valve, check valve and shuttle valve.
For details of pneumatic valves
Pneumatic, Vacuum and Auxiliary Components
As pneumatic, vacuum and auxiliary components, we offer a system that improves the quality of air and also a system that controls the air. It is a requisite product line for pneumatic system and management.
For details of pneumatic, vacuum and auxiliary components
General purpose valves
Valve is a component that stops and runs the flow of fluid (water, air, water vapor, gas and oil, etc.) as a faucet or controls the quantity of flow.
Valve that opens and shuts with the power of solenoid is called solenoid valve.
For details of liquid control systems
Labor-Saving products
In every type of drive system for processing, assembling machining, CKD's labor saving machines robust performance at manufacturing sites every where.
For details of Labor-Saving products
High Purity Chemical Gas/Liquid Control Systems
Models relating, to semiconductor-related system and suitable for various uses are available from gas and liquid supply system to exhaust (drain) system.
Wet fine: Component for chemicals
Dry fine: Component for process gas/high components for vacuum
For details of fine system components
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