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Pneumatic, vacuum and auxiliary components
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Filter/regulator/main line unit

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Refrigerating type air dryer
Adaptive air compressor: Extensive variations from 0.75kW to 960kW
<Model No>
Refrigerating type dryer GX
Refrigerating type dryer GT
Desiccant type air dryer
Type without using the heat by a desiccant
Reducing 96% of purge rate maximum by energy saving control.
Remarkably reducing noise level to approx. 35dB (A) by variable exhaust method (CKD comparison).
Power consumption reduced by 1/3 with electronic control system (CKD comparison).
Certain performance verification allowed by digital pressure dew point display.
Footprint remarkably reduced by multi tower type (1/3 to 1/2 CKD comparison).
Filters for inlet and outlet opening are provided as standard.
<Model No>
Small heatless dryer HD
Large heatless dryer 4000
Manual air dryer 4001/4002
High polymer membrane air dryer (dryer)
No fleon used dryer (environment friendly).
No movable part enables clean dry air supply for a long time.
Small and light weight design enables easy installation into the equipment.
Since no electricity used, no noise occurrence and influence.
Extreme low dew point up to -60.
Class 75kW large flow rate compressor.
<Model No>
Standard dew point, low purge type SU300 /400E, SD300/400E
Standard dew point, large flow rate type SU300/400D, SD300/400D
Low dew point, unit type SU3000/4000
Low dew point, discrete type /4000
Large flow rate module unit series SDM4000
Air filter
For medium, large and main line
<Model No>
Large main line filter (popular type) AF3000
Large main line filter (oil free) AF5000
Automatic drain
Float type, electronic type and external pilot type
<Model No>
Automatic drain DT
Automatic drain DB
Heavy duty drain 5100, tank drain 5002
Automatic drain with manual cock B5102
Exhaust cleaner FA
Damping effect 35dB over
Oil mist collection ratio 99.9% over.
Wide series variation, flow rate 0.3 to 10m3/min (ANR).
<Model No>
Product Information INDEX Pneumatic, vacuum and auxiliary components INDEX
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